Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Reviving my Blog has been a very long time I posted anything.......

As my passions and interests vary by time, this blog was integrated, dis-integrated into different blogs, and then finally one day I downloaded all the XMLs and re-integrated it into a single blog.

My idea is to post regularly from now on, and keep scribbling what I feel like here.
Also, the ideas I have and links to the things I publish in YouTube or other social media.

Finally found a reason to keep this blog going on.

My current interests are:
  • I have recorded around 300+ collaborations in SMULE - an app for KARAOKE, this one is like my dream come true - I will still be the same introvert as I am, but socialize with a completely different group wherein no one knows me personally!
           That is my handle:

  • SNEAHSCLICKS - my insta handle... Just shoot and post... More or less like my infiniteclicks blog, which is now merged with this very blog...        

  • My present stagnant YouTube channels:
    • Dhyaan Station and
    • Sne Ha
        This particular thing needs to be planned, organized and scheduled. Every time I promise myself to be consistent on this but unable to as I give myself so many lame excuses. Several video ideas cropping up and I'm still not getting motivation to work on any of them.

This is my main interest now. I'm so messed up that I want to be more organized and will be using this very blog to bring me into track. 

Consistency will first show up in this blog, then there will be videos, all my ideas will be executed with the help of this blog... 

Stay tuned for more updates and continued persistence!!!!

Every Wednesday one new POST :) 

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