Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Being positive with negatives

High pressure makes a corn pop beautifully… Similarly high pressure makes me write something meaningful just 2 change my thinking environment!!!
Sometimes people tend to be so crazy and shoot a word or two which makes you feel the worst in life… in fact u have made them successful in doing so by easily allowing them into your heads. 

Never allow such people 2 enter ur head, heart, mind, wherever…

They are INSECURE! Not you… Focus on the YOU now… when focussed they will be nowhere…

Some quick patronus charms for people facing similar things like me

* Think of the YOU
  * Think of the NOW
* Think of what you have rather than what you had to have or what you will have
* It is better to take 1 step rather than not doing a thing at all

* I have a thousand more things to do rather than think of you

* Idle mind is devils workshop - never be idle at all - atleast pray when you are idle

* Atleast do not pass the same insecurity to others

* Learn through the mistakes of others you do not have lot of time to commit them yourself

Hope it works!!! It surely did for me :)

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