Sunday, August 19, 2012


A Rajasthani village in hyd...
The entrance

Found this when I searched for why it is named so:
“Dhola” is as popular lover name in Rajasthan. There are many star hotels and other places named after him in Rajasthan. The story goes like this - Sujanghargh was a small kingdom in Rajasthan, ruled by Nala and Damayanthi. They waited long time for children. After all the anxious waiting, they were blessed with a son Dhola. At the same time, the neighbouring king was blessed with daughter Maru. As per the tradition, the marriage between Dhola and Maru was fixed at the time of birth. After some time, Dhola was married off to another princess forgetting the oath. Maru was waiting for Dhola.
Dhola comes to know about the oath and agreement given by his parents and sets off to meet Maru. In the process both Maru and Dhola die. They are considered as popular lovers in Rajasthan. Dhola-ri-Dhani was named after him. Dhani means village. It is a lovers village.

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